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We are really excited that many big and small media agencies want to write about Hoffice. If you are a journalist or editor and want to feature an item on Hoffice, you might find our press kit useful. In there you’ll find a few hints where to start your research, high-resolution pictures from Hoffice events, info graphics and the embed-code for the map. Contact us, if we can help you with something else.

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In the meantime you might enjoy to stroll through some of the previous items about Hoffice:

In English

Fast Co.Exist Hoffice Turns Your Apartment Into a Free Coworking Place
PhillyMag Your New Co-working Space Is … At Home?
VoiceNews (a southkorean blog) Hoffice sounds like a cult – and I want to join it
Curbed National Hoffice Makes Working from Home More Social
The Atlantic Citylab Work From Home, Just Not Alone and Not in Your Own Home
Agneta Lagercrantz Blog (Svenska Dagbladet) 9-5 at Others’ Homes. With Others. For Free.
The Rest Project Hoffice and the 45-minute work burst
Government Executive Work From Home, Just Not Alone and Not in Your Own Home
Boston Globe A Swedish Idea to Turn Your Home into a Shared Office Space
Springwise Opening up front rooms as communal office spaces
Nordic Startup Bits Swedish Hoffice facilitates private co-working space
IntoConnection How “Working” From Home Became Productive In Sweden. Join The Hype!
Bloomberg Business Week Work From a Stranger’s Home
Pop-Up City Home Office In Swedish Is Hoffice
KillerStartups Free Coworking Spaces For Digital Nomads And Remote Workers

In other languages

Fika Magazine (Dutch) Hoffice: Co-Working 2.0
vuosiofficenomadina.com (Finish) Hofficesta haetaan työtehoja ja seuraa työntekoon
anders|denken (Austrian) Kostenloser Arbeitsplatz in der Wohnung nebenan
Ifanr.com (Chinese) To hell with clocking-in cards! Hoffice is a fun way of working
Bigumigu (Turkish) Shared Office Space has Come to Your Home
Greenroom Session (French) Cinq façons de travailler autrement
Zeronaut (Belgian) Hoffice tovert huiskamer om in co-workspace
Think Outside the Box (Romanian) Când oaminii îsi impart lucuintele cu altii care lucreaza de-acasa
Librarius Elmenysziget (Hungarian) Hoffice: miért ne dolgozz más otthonában?
ISUTA (Japanese) 新しいシェアの形!?自宅をオフィスとして開放する「Hoffice」が世界で流行中
Wired.it (Italian) Hoffice, come trasformare il tuo salotto in una sala di coworking
Wyszlo.com (Polish) Hoffice – nowy wymiar pracy z domu
Fpiec.pl (Polish) Hoffice – czyli najlepszy sposób na pracę z domu
Ekonomio (Brazilian) Compartilhando o home office: uma volta às conexões como prioridade
Brief.pl (Polish) Hoffice, czyli skandynawska synergia
Valomerkki (Finish) Uudenlaista työkulttuuria kypsyttelevä Hoffice rantautui Alppilan kirkkoon

In Swedish

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