Find or start a Hoffice group

Find a Hoffice group

You are warmly invited to work with us in a Hoffice near you! Work practices and structure may vary between different groups. But what unites us is that everything is based on principles of the gift economy. This means that it will never cost money to go to a Hoffice (you might though be asked to make a voluntary contribution for the use of consumables).

Here is a map with links to all active Hoffice groups (One missing? Let us know

Start a Hoffice group

No Hoffice close to you, yet? Start your own group… it’s really easy:

1) Become a member of a Hoffice facebook group with many members, such as Hoffice in Copenhagen or Hoffice in Stockholm. Snoop around and get a feel for how it works. Maybe you can even make it to join one of their Hoffice events?
2) Start your own Facebook group called Hoffice + the name of your town or neighbourhood. Mail to and we add your group to the Hoffice network map.
3) Copy the things you like from Hoffice Copenhagen or Hoffice Stockholm to “Hoffice MyTown” (e.g. description, logo, pinned post, files).
4) Invite a small group of friends for a series of pilot rounds, where you together get to know the method of hosting and facilitating – and adapt it to your needs.
5) Invite more people into your facebook group, by:

  • telling the people you meet about Hoffice
  • post your facebook group/event on social media
  • approach your local newspaper and invite them to join an event
  • print (duplex, cut in the middle and on the left edge, fold so that the door closes at the front) and spread the Hoffice flyer:
    wherever you are (pdf | powerpoint)
    in libraries or universities (pdf | powerpoint)
    in companies (pdf | powerpoint)
    in agencies for jobseekers (pdf | powerpoint)

6) Work and have fun together, continue to explore new methods and get involved with the other great groups of the network.