To Open Up Your Home to Strangers

Hoffice is all about trust – something rare in our society today. In this day and age our possessions are, in many ways, considered to be an extension of our very being, of who we are. You are not only what you eat, you are what you read, what you are driving, what bicycle brand you use, what shampoo you choose, and maybe first and foremost – what your home is like. It is easy to fall into comparing ourselves to those who are the most successful and skilled people in each specific area. This is something called additional stress.

But here is the thing: your home is not you – it is merely the place where you live and work. And through Hoffice other people get to work and create there as well. And they will create just as efficiently regardless of whether there are bread crumbs on the kitchen table, if the windows are due for a wash, if the couch has seen its better days, or if there happens to be a laundry basket on display. Actually, chances are that your guests will feel a little bit more at home, a little bit more at ease, if things are not impeccable and perfect, and the chance that they will dare to return the favour becomes higher. Take the leap and invite us over for Hoffice! You could see it as anti-cleaning-up-the-mess-therapy.

And, if you like, you can give your guests something else. Something that actually shows who you are, as opposed to a perfect home. If you enjoy cooking food, you could do that (a hearty gluten free vegan soup is warmly recommended). But you might as well ask everybody to bring their own lunch. You could also, if you wish, provide for some condiments or treats for the meal, such as butter, bread, a simple salad or a sweet basket of mandarins … Again, if you are good at leading movement based classes, you could invite your guests into a playful exercise during one of the breaks. If you like crafts and cosy atmospheres, you can create that very feeling in your home for the guests. Lit candles during lunch? Maybe you are one of those people who are really great at choosing good music? One who puts up a selection of favourite teas? A person who usually puts cardamom in the coffee? Let the others try it out! Are you good at listening or inspiring? Awesome! Do that! And let’s say you don’t have WiFi? Perfect, then we will make it a retreat. Just do one thing. Nobody expects you to do much, and definitely not to do it all.

Delegate the responsibilities. Tell the group what you would like to do, and what you wish for from the group, right at the get go in your invitation. Just because you are the host it doesn’t mean that you have to take on all of the responsibility. Ask somebody to be the time keeper. Somebody else can take care of the dishes. A third person can become the master of activities and games. The group – not the host – has the responsibility to make it into an awesome day!

You don’t have to bond with everybody. You are co-workers momentarily. Many people will develop and deepen relationships further. We are not open to new acquaintances at all stages of our lives. That is exactly what is great about Hoffice, you are not bound to have a continued relationship. Only to follow along on each other’s path for a few steps. And that is beautiful. So relax!

It is your choice to invite us in. Do not have an expectation of any counter favours. Those must be offered freely and spontaneously! Personally, I like having people over at my place. And because I live out in a suburb I gladly bait and entice with delicious food. I do not like the time spent on travel time, so for me it is easier and more time efficient to have people over at my place than venturing out myself. My guests never owe my a thing, everybody gives as much as they can from the place where they currently are at.